Sharing Beauty With All

Sharing beauty with all

The L’Oréal sustainability commitment

to explore our 2020 objectives, our commitments and our concrete achievements.

Launched in 2013, L’Oréal’s Sharing Beauty With All program is in line with a long-standing tradition of responsibility and aims to transform our Group in order to have a positive impact on society and environment.

Completely integrated in L’Oréal’s value chain, Sharing Beauty With All sets out the Group’s sustainability commitments for 2020 and is based on four pillars: innovating sustainably, producing sustainably, living sustainably and developing sustainably.

Every year, L’Oréal provides a detailed, transparent breakdown of its strategy and results with regard to social and environmental responsibility, with key performance indicators. A panel of independent international experts meets once a year to review progress, critically evaluate any action taken and suggest improvements.

Commitments and targets



100% of our products will have an improved environmental or social profile.
Every time we invent or update a product, we will improve its environmental or social profile
against at least one of the following criteria:

The new formula reduces the environmental footprint

The new formula uses renewable raw materials that are sustainably sourced or derived from Green chemistry

The new packaging has an improved environmental profile

The new product has a positive social impact



By 2020, we will have reduced the environmental footprint of our plants and
distribution centres by 60%,from a 2005 baseline, whilst bringing beauty
to one billion new consumers. Our 2020 targets are:

We will reduce CO2 emissions at our plants and distribution centres by 60% in absolute terms, from a 2005 baseline

We will reduce our CO2 emissions from transportation of products by 20% per sales unit, from a 2011 baseline

We will reduce our water consumption by 60% per finished product unit, from a 2005 baseline

We will reduce waste by 60% per finished product unit, from a 2005 baseline

We will send zero waste to landfill



We aim to empower our consumers to make sustainable
consumption choices. We are pursuing a number
of initiatives to achieve this goal:

We will use a product assessment tool to evaluate the environmental and social profile of 100% of our new products. All brands will make this information available to allow consumers to make sustainable consumption choices

All L’Oréal brands will assess where they have the biggest environmental and social impact, and make commitments to improve their footprint. Every brand will report on its progress and raise awareness among consumers about sustainable choices

Our consumers will be able to influence our sustainability actions through a consumer sustainability panel



With communities
By 2020, we will enable more than 100,000 people from
underprivileged communities to access work
through the following programs:

Solidarity Sourcing

Inclusive distribution

Vocational training in the beauty sector

Mentoring and community education

Employment of disabled people

With suppliers
By 2020, 100% of our strategic suppliers will be
participating in our supplier sustainability program:

All our strategic suppliers will be evaluated and selected on their environmental and social performance

All our strategic suppliers will have completed a self-assessment of their sustainability policy with our support

All our suppliers will have access to our training tools to improve their sustainability policies

20% of our strategic suppliers will be associated with our Solidarity Sourcing program

With employees
By 2020, all L’Oréal employees, wherever
they are in the world, will have access to:

Healthcare coverage aligned with the best practice of the country they are based in

Financial protection if unexpected life events such as incapacity or permanent disability occur

At least one training session per year