Romance by Ralph Lauren

Romance de la Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Romance is a Fresh Sparkling Floral, featuring the sensual essence of velvety woods, extravagant florals and seductive musk. This scent has potent romantic appeal.

A new chapter in Ralph Lauren’s « Romance »...

Starring Nacho Figueras and DelfinaBlaquier – an authentic modern fairytale couple. The dreamy image of the couple kissing on white horses portrays passion and intensity in the new ad.M

Ralph Lauren Romance, one of Ralph Lauren’s most beloved fragrances for women, has celebrated authentic romantic moments with iconic imagery of real-life couples since its launch in 1998. Now introducing the next chapter in the Romance story; husband and wife, Nacho Figueras and Delfina "Delfi" Blaquier, are the latest stars of the 2011 Ralph Lauren Romance advertising campaign.

The new campaign is shot by Bruce Weber, the renowned photographer and filmmaker who has captured the timeless black and white imagery since the launch of the Romance fragrance. The new campaign is for the first time portrayed in color with stunning scenery that illustrates the fairytale lives of the couple and exemplifies the world of Mr. Ralph Lauren, renowned for his devotion to family traditions, authentic equestrian heritage and the sport of polo.

"We are so honored that Mr. Lauren chose us to represent the Romance fragrance and that he sees in us a real life happy couple, symbolic of his vision of romance," says Nacho and Delfi.

The dreamy image of the couple kissing while riding majestic white horses portrays passion and intensity. The open field depicts timelessness and a moment of escape for the couple. Delfi dressed in a beautiful flowing silver gown with her long blond hair let loose exudes a free spirited natural femininity and effortless elegance. Nacho, dressed all in black resembles a handsome, captivating prince. The shot is not posed, but a magical spontaneous moment of Nacho and Delfi kissing, seizing the moment…living for excitement… captured through the lens by Bruce Weber.

The new campaign was shot on location in Buenos Aires, Argentina at “La Concepion” estate, home of Delfi’s grandparents. Delfi spent many of her early years in the enchanting locale where she would ride horses, watch polo matches, and spend time with Nacho during their courting days. The site later became the location for their wedding; Nacho and Delfi married on the steps of a charming stone chapel on the estate with family and close friends as witness.

Delfi reveals that she is a hopeless romantic and remembers fondly the early days Nacho courted her, "Nacho would invite me to go riding with him and we would enjoy being in the outdoors with the sun shining and just being together with our horses, it was so magical, we would lose all concept of space and time. It's amazing that Bruce Weber was able to capture our happiness …our true romance for the new ad campaign."

"I was at a polo match in Argentina. I saw Delfi walking to take her seat, it was love at first sight – an instant connection, “reflects Nacho, on seeing Delfi for the first time. “I knew Delfi's cousin and asked her to introduce us, and the rest is now history."

Nacho and Delfi's life together is a real-life modern day fairytale. The couple has three beautiful children, Hilario, Aurora and Artemio. Embodying the Ralph Lauren lifestyle, Nacho, the handsome and talented polo player and Delfi, a photographer, wife and mother, travel as a family around the world for the most prestigious polo matches in the most beautiful locations in the world. The family resides on a ranch in Buenos Aires, Argentina; and divides their time between The Hamptons, New York and international cities such as London, Dubai and Singapore where polo tournaments require Nacho for the remaining year.