Tresor Midnight rose by Lancôme

Trésor Midnight Rose de la Lancôme

After TrésorIn Love, Lancôme tells a new love story, filled with lightness, magic, but also sensuality.

A passionate story that freely rewrites the language of romantic yet contemporary love: Trésor Midnight Rose, incarnated by Emma Watson.

A captivating, charming young woman breaks through the city of lights and makes it dazzle. Liberated and vivacious, she rushes through the paved lanes of the most romantic capital of the world. Paris. Paris with its enchanting little squares, lively evening cafés and the embankments of the River Seine.Paris at dusk.Paris at night, when the sky blushes with an exhilarating and almost unreal violet glow. This Paris is the playground for a romantic game of hide-and-seek. Catch my heart if you can!

Spontaneity, freshness and mischievous femininity… She enthrals with one gaze, one smile. And one desire: to play with the rules of love. She is the icon of a generation, a young face that represents contemporary cinema. Her name: Emma Watson...

Femininity lingers in her wake, an ethereal delight structured around rose. A lasting "scented trail" of an unforgettable woman: Trésor Midnight Rose.

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